Loan consolidation purchase: regroup to better anticipate

Auto loan, revolving credit, personal loan, credit work … All these loans belong to the large family of consumer credit, also called consolidation credits. If their rate is relatively high and depends on the different organizations, their benefits are very attractive, since they allow for small and large projects. When these small financial boosts accumulate, over-indebtedness can threaten. The solution? The purchase of consumer credit …

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  1. Cumulation of consumer loans: get by via a buy-back?
  2. The terms of the purchase of a loan
  3. Get started: how to be sure to find the best deal?

Find in less than 5 minutes, the best buy offer for all your credits, whether consumption or real estate.

Cumulation of consumer loans: get by via a buy-back?

consumer loans

Consumer credit rates are reputed to be quite greedy, although the trend has been downward in recent years. To contract several loans is also to expose oneself to several monthly payments to repay. Certain situations in life make this financial commitment not always easy to maintain. When debts accumulate, it is normal to want to start from scratch, reducing the amount of his monthly payments and simplifying his account management as much as possible. The purchase of credit is the opportunity to consolidate all of your consumer loans (car, work, revolving or personal) into one and the same debt.

The purchase of a consumer loan often implies a longer commitment but a reduced monthly payment. By reducing it by 20 to 40%, you reduce your debt but stay engaged.

The terms of the purchase of a loan

purchase of a loan

If you want to embark on the personal loan redemption adventure, know that two options are available to you: 
The repurchase of consolidation credit without a mortgage : all of your consumer credits are redeemed and you only pay a single rate monthly payment each month. Your monthly payments go down and your wallet can finally blow. Be careful, you must have paid less than half of each loan to buy and your debt ratio must not exceed 35% or 42% depending on the bank.

The repurchase of mortgage credit is intended for the owners who would like to regroup their mortgage as well as their possible consolidation credits. The whole is transformed into one and the same debt. Attention, the guarantee of this credit passes by a mortgage on your lodging.

Get started: how to be sure to find the best deal?

credit consolidation

The advantage with the purchase of a credit consolidation? You can largely play competition. Disadvantage? The offers are so numerous and complex that you do not know where to turn.

Some organizations offer specific offers to seize, others are enticing but hide bank charges that it is essential to anticipate.

To know exactly what your money will become, feel free to compare online through. The online simulation is 100% free for you and according to your profile offers the market in the purchase of consumer loan. You access all the terms of each offer and just have to make your choice!

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