Loan insurance delegation for border

Border insurance

Do you live in France but work in Switzerland? You are frontier.

And as a frontier worker, you have specific needs

And as a frontier worker, you have specific needs

  • The Credit Insurance Solution for Border Borrower Cheap Loan Insurance

Border insurance, what is it?

A border loan insurance is an individual borrower insurance whose guarantees are precisely adapted to the specific needs of its subscriber with border status.

Loan insurance is a collateral element required by banks to grant a home loan. It can take over the repayment of your home border loan if you come to die or you find yourself unable to repay your loan following an accident or illness.

Compare border insurance

By comparing the offers of border insurance with the broker’s comparator, you will quickly see the best offers of cross-border credit insurance market and can receive very quickly the quotes of your choice.

At the Insurance-Loan-Not-Dear brokerage, we know your needs very well because we have been in business for several years and regularly handle requests. Experienced in the search for loan insurance specific to cross-border workers, we are able to offer you the best insurance solutions on the market. With Loans-Loans Insurance, all your steps are facilitated and you are certain (e) to benefit at the best rate of the contract the most adapted to your situation.

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  • Border credit insurance rate
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Subscription insurance borrower: 3 points to examine well

Subscription insurance borrower: 3 points to examine well

Before taking out your border loan insurance, it is important to take note of:

  1. guarantee levels
  2. insurance rate
  3. exclusions from the contract

Cross-border credit insurance with aggravated health risk

If you are a borrower with “aggravated health risk”, ie if you are suffering from or have suffered from an illness, you must obtain specific insurance to cover this health risk because standard loan insurance generally does not guarantee not these risks.

Cheap Loan Insurance studies your case, informs you, advises you and finds for you the border insurance risk aggravated health insurance solutions the cheapest on the market that best meet your individual borderier needs with aggravated health risk. 
It is the same for sports risks, recreational risks and occupational risks.

Choose your border loan insurance

Choose your border loan insurance

The group bank contract (standard group insurance) is probably not the most appropriate insurance to ensure the loan of a cross-border as to ensure a person with aggravated health risk, sports risk, occupational risk…

Fortunately, thanks to the Murcef and Lagarde laws, you are free to choose your border insurance and can thus compete with insurers to choose the insurance policy that suits you best.

Delegate your border loan insurance with Loan Insurance-not-expensive


By using the delegation of insurance, ie by taking out another loan insurance than the one offered to you by the lending bank, you can realize substantial savings on the cost of your loan insurance and therefore on the overall cost. your home loan. Also, it should be noted that insurance companies generally offer broader and more efficient hedging solutions than banks.

By delegating your border loan insurance with Loan-Loan-Insurance:


  • You can benefit from a loan insurance up to 50% cheaper than that of the bank
  • Your credit insurance contract will be based on your specific needs. You will be better covered.
  • Your loan insurance delegation will cover the outstanding capital, unlike the banks’ contracts where the cost of your insurance is calculated throughout the repayment on the borrowed capital.

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