Payday Loan – The Largest Loan Amount for Debt

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The Payday loan is up to 25,000, which can be treated as a debt loan. Payday loan is up to 36 months for repayment. Get to know the details. See for a summary


Payday debt relief loan

Payday Loan - opinions and information for people interested in a debt loan

The Payday loan is definitely the best offer on the market if the assessment criterion is the loan amount. PLN 25 thousand is much more than we borrow from anyone else. The loan granted by us makes it a real debt loan . It will allow for a one-off debt reduction of 25 items assuming that each of them is worth 1000 zlotys.

The Payday loan enables a total repayment of, for example, 16 short-term loans for PLN 1,500 each. Or 12 payday loans of 2000 each.

This means that people seeking help in debt relief and consolidating them into a one- install product can not remain indifferent to the offer made by us for them.

This description (due to the lack of official data provided) was created on the basis of a real loan for the client with a benefit package.


Consolidation of payday loans 

The payday loan granted for 3 years is a solution that works if you want to consolidate your existing liabilities. One (though high) installment is easier to “pay” by the home budget than the extremely expensive extension of payday loans to infinity.


Does it check BIK?

Does it check BIK?

The payday loan is a loan without BIK. Payday loan will not check us in KRD, Infomonitor or ERIF. Payday loan has its own algorithms verifying the borrowing capacity of persons applying for a debt loan.

This means that regardless of the past situation , anyone who will be considered a solvent person by their verification system can receive the money.

Payday loan, due to the author’s verification method, may require a printout from a bank account or invoices for utilities, i.e. documents that are not required by other loan companies. Of course, this is a consequence of the fact that Payday loan does not check BIK. In some way, he has to verify his clients to limit the risk of frauds.

For those who do not accept this form of verification and are looking for a loan without checking the databases, we have other loans for people at BIK.


Payday loan – a promissory note security

Payday loan - a promissory note security

Borrower of money from us submits a blank promissory note. This means that the amount of the liability is entered into the promissory note by the Lender. A promissory note may be used in court to enforce an obligation even if the delay of one installment exceeds 30 days and 7 days have elapsed since the date of receipt of the request for payment.


Payday Loan Your Package – Extra Package

Payday Loan Your Package - Extra Package

The Payday loan is also available in the VIP version. The version with preferences is under the name Your Package. The buyer receives the following benefits as part of a package (additional paid):

  • Postponement or reduction of installments – entitled to a person entitled under the Extra Package for one-off periods of postponement or reduction of installments resulting from the loan agreement.

    Postponing one or two subsequent installments means that the deferred installments will “jump” at the end of the repayment schedule. Example: after holiday spending, you postpone the January and February installments. You do not have to pay them, you will pay them as two additional installments after completing the repayment of the Payday loan.

    Reduction of installments – as many as four additional installments can be halved. This means that within the framework of the package, we will pay 50% of the installment for 4 months. The Payday loan agreement will be extended by 4 months, during which the borrower will repay the missing part of the loan amount.

  • Faster payday loan – undertakes to pay the loan not longer than 10 days (sic!)
  • SMS notifications – information about a loan transfer to a customer’s account, an upcoming installment date and posting of an installment.

Package price: 700 PLN added to the components of the monthly installment.


Borrowing costs, commissions and interest rates on payday loans

On the website you will not find information about the cost of the loan. Fees, commissions, interest rates. Therefore, to present you approximately the offer of this company, we have reached the real contract of one of the clients.

The amount of this loan is PLN 6,000 for 24 months with a benefit package (your Package)

The loan costs are as follows:

Profi Credit loan

As you can see, loan is not cheap. We must give away almost as much as we borrowed. Of course, the cost of the loan can be reduced by giving up the Extra package. However, we lose the opportunity to take advantage of the credit holidays, which, in the case of a debt loan, are of enormous importance.


Deferment of repayment


Holders of Your Package may benefit from postponing the repayment or reducing the amount of installments by half. In order to use this facility, they must submit a written instruction at the bank’s head office.

Note: being late (even one day) in paying even a single earlier installment closes the way to take advantage of the opportunity to postpone the repayment or reduce the installment .

In order to benefit from the option of postponing or reducing installments , you must meet the requirement to pay at least two installments. This means that you can not take a loan and make a repayment right away. Or pay half the installment.


Loan – Debt Collection

Loan - Debt Collection

Failure to pay the installment date will involve the start of monitoring and debt collection activities. This will happen as soon as 11 days after the installment due date.

Debt collection are telephone prompts using text messages and automatic voice messages. It is also written reminders and requests for payment. Debt collection is finally what arouses the greatest controversy among customers – field employees’ visits.

Although the employee called the local debt collector does not have any rights, the general public ignorance about the debtor’s rights causes widespread fear of debt collection. Fear fueled by incompetent balancing of some employees on the edge of the law and crossing the barriers of professional qualifications.

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