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Personal account Worth recommending Bank


Among the many interesting and recommendable offers of Polish banks, the Personal Account Worth Recommending Bank Zachodni WBK deserves special attention. At the moment, every customer who uses the bank’s offer can count on a very interesting promotion regarding the percentage of interest per year for all newly opened accounts.

The mentioned interest rate

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Applies to all funds accumulated on this account up to the amount of four thousand zlotys. The promotion applies to those personal accounts that will be opened by the end of June 2016. If we accumulate more than four thousand on our account, the remaining funds will be interest rate of one percent per annum.

It is worth noting that such interest rate on funds accumulated on the Account Worth Recommending will be valid until June 30, 2017.

Among the many advantages of this account is the fact that it is completely free. Therefore, the account does not require any additional activities, such as making transfers between accounts, or even logging in to electronic banking. The latter is also very convenient and practical.

The bank took care of the full convenience

The bank took care of the full convenience

Of its customers and refined its mobile application, thanks to which we can use the Account Worth Recommending not only from a computer or tablet, but also using a smartphone.

In addition, as part of this promotion, we will not pay a single zloty for using a contactless card issued for the invoice. It is worth noting that withdrawals from all national ATMs are also free, regardless of the network supporting the terminal. However, this applies only to ATMs in Poland.

If we are planning a trip abroad and using ATMs outside of our country, we must take into account the commission on ATM withdrawals.

Other advantages of this bank account include free internet transfers. Express and Bluecash transfers will cost us three zlotys. However, this is not much, given the fact that the money will reach the recipient within a few dozen minutes. Direct debits and order processing are also free.

If we set up a Worth Recommending Account and it is active

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We can apply to the bank to set a limit on the account or to issue a credit card. This can be done comfortably sitting at home, without moving from the armchair, using a computer, logging on to the website and entering a special tab.

It is also worth remembering that by creating a personal account we can collect Payback points. We earn one point in the Payback program for every PLN 6 spent. These points can then be exchanged for prizes or discounts with program partners.

Considering all the abovementioned advantages, and it seems at first glance that there are no disadvantages to this offer, it is worth to carefully look at the proposals of Bank Zachodni WBK. If we are looking for a cheap, attractive and convenient account, this offer seems very interesting.

However, before we are tempted and sign the contract, it is worth using a financial comparison engine, which can easily be found on the Internet at the moment. It will allow us to analyze all financial account offers available at the moment, as well as bank promotions, which will undoubtedly help us make decisions.

Of course, you should not make decisions lightly without thinking. Before we decide on a specific offer, it is worth dispelling all doubts and ambiguities. If we have any problems understanding the contract or the regulations of the promotion, it is worth using the help of a financial advisor who will show us all the pros and cons of the offers, and help us choose the right account for our needs.

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